About Us

What is the FES PTO?

The Falmouth Elementary PTO is a collective of all parents, teachers, staff, and administration at FES. You don't have to "sign up" to be a member of the PTO. THIS IS YOUR PTO!
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Our Mission

The Falmouth Elementary PTO aims to promote communication and cooperation between parents, teachers and school administrators through fundraising and volunteer activities to enhance the educational experience for children attending Falmouth Elementary School. ​

The PTO will develop, maintain and finance programs, functions, and projects that: ​
  • Provide enrichment opportunities for the students, parents, teachers, and staff in the Falmouth Elementary school
  • Promote positive school and community relations by fostering communication between school administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and the Falmouth community
  • Provide special family and community events
  • Provide recognition events for administrators, teachers, and employees of the Falmouth Elementary School

Board Officers

Katie Knapp
Katie Knapp
Stacy Taylor
Chelsea Tryder
Chelsea Tryder
Chelsea Livingston
Chelsea Livingston

Board Members

Alicia Scalia
Alison Davis
Ashley Daigle
Ashley Shadrin
Audrey Hotchkiss
Becky Sullivan
Britani Carson
Chelsea Livingston
Chelsea Tryder
Cristina Toledo
Crystal Schreck
Dan McKrell
Diana Lubrano
Diana Spelter
Dustin Tucker
Elise Furey
Emily Bienek
Erica Blomberg
Eva Geiger
Hollie  Kenniff
Jason Middleton
Jeana Cho
Jess Demers
Jess Cushing
Julie Hammer
Katie Knapp
Katie  Alaimo
Kelley Mingo
Kerri Warms
Laurel McClead
Lindsey Koocher
Lisa Vicens
Liz Cotsifas
Liza d'Hemecourt
Madison Douglas
Mark Klein
Megan  Zelones
Michael  Navarro
Michaela DiGianvittorio
Michelle Rand
Rachael Burgess
Rob LeVine
Shari Wellen
Sheena Mason
Stacy  Taylor
Tiffany McKenna
Tissy Greening
Tracy Noone
Trisha Russo

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Mailing Address

Falmouth Elementary School
58 Woodville Road
Falmouth, ME 04105

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