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The PTO is a friendly, active group of 30-40 parents who organize activities and events throughout the school year (Harvest Festival, Ice Skating night, Maine Needs/ Community Fundraisers, Parent Mixers, Teacher Appreciation Week, Playground Meet-ups, Sea Dogs Night, First Mates Program, Class Navigators, just to name a few!)

We have several very fun and varied roles available. Whether assisting for a few hours at a special event, serving on a PTO committee, or even considering a board position, we have a role for you on PTO. Please reach out and let us know your skills/interests.

PTO Volunteers

Why Join?

  • HELP PROVIDE enrichment opportunities for students, parents, teachers, staff, and the community to enhance the educational experience for all children attending Falmouth Elementary School.
  • BECOME INFORMED as one of the first to know what’s happening at FES and share ideas to help shape activities and initiatives.
  • GET CONNECTED with FES staff members and families with kids the same ages as yours through our meetings and quarterly socials... and maybe form some lifelong friendships along the way!
  • BE A ROLE MODEL by showing your child(ren) the importance you place on their educational experience. (Research shows children perform better when parents are engaged in their education both at home and at school.)
  • WHAT’S INVOLVED? As much or as little time as you like!
  • ATTEND our monthly meetings every second Tuesday of the month from 7:00–8:30 p.m.
  • VOLUNTEER to help plan, run, and staff committees, enrichment activities, cultural awareness events, and fundraisers.
  • VOICE your ideas and opinions and VOTE on important matters including how our funds are allocated.
  • INTERESTED? Reach out to us today.
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