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The PTO is a friendly, active group of 60+ parents who organize activities and events throughout the school year.

We have several very fun and varied roles available. Whether assisting for a few hours at a special event, serving on a PTO committee, or even considering a board position, we have a role for you on PTO. Please reach out and let us know your skills/interests!


PTO Volunteers

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Here are some examples of how you can help with the Falmouth Elementary PTO:

I have a little time here and there, but I don’t really want to commit to a big role.

That’s great! Add your name to our Fleet of Families* contact list, you will be sent sign ups when we need on-off volunteers for specific activities and events. Past roles have included: Harvest Fest Volunteer, Maine Needs Donation Pick-up, Popcorn pick-up for Movie Night.

I can do something at certain times of the year, but I am not up for a whole year of commitment.

We love this! You can volunteer on an event committee for shorter periods (1-2 months typically) to help on a specific event or project. Examples include: Harvest Festival Committee, Sea Dogs.

I am interested in helping, but I am not able to attend meetings or be involved in time-specific activities.

Excellent! We have several roles that can fill on your own timeline, at home, via computer or cell phone: Class Navigator, Social Media Lead, Graphic Design, Corporate/ Community Donation Liaison.

I am all in, tell what you need!

Perfect! Start by attending the monthly board meetings. This will help you get a feel for what is happening and where help is needed. As you see roles that match your interests and skills, let us know. You can start out as a member-at-large and then move into a role that speaks to you.

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